TeslaTel, we have been providing telephony services for over 10 years

We are a company focused on offering fixed telephony services and value-added services in the national and international telecommunications market.

Why TeslaTel in particular

We could tell you our story, explain that we have been operating on the Internet since 1995 and as a telephone operator since 2011, but the truth is that you, as a business owner, are only interested in one thing: "What do I gain with TeslaTel?"

And the answer is very simple: You can think of TeslaTel as a "tailor-made telephone operator", the only one able to carry out the services you need, tailored to your business.

Maybe we don't even think about it anymore, but the Internet itself, basically, is nothing more than an "evolved" version of telephony... And with the new generation technology we are able to combine

  • the web data connection...
  • to the human connection of telephony.

A true revolution for professionals and businesses!

Rely on us

We help you have more human contact with your customers without having to spend more time or more work... indeed, simplifying and automating everything... It would be incoherent if we made you talk to a registered switchboard or call centre in who knows which country in the world!

Whether you need to clarify your current cost and service situation with your provider…

Whether you are interested in understanding what we can really do for you and your specific case...

Whether you have already decided to entrust the digitisation of your business to TeslaTel...

Or whether you are already our customer and need any form of support...

... whenever you want to talk to us, you will have a qualified consultant at your disposal, ready to help you with whatever you need - Just ask those who have already decided to rely on TeslaTel!

The pillars of our philosophy

Our mission is to provide customized and efficient solutions to all our customers, guaranteeing state-of-the-art technologies and secure investment returns.
We do this on the basis of:


We produce the technology we use in house and master it completely. In this way, we can turn every idea into reality


Every day we think of new services to be designed to improve the world we live in and simplify people's daily activities


No call centres, but highly qualified consultants who can support your business minute by minute. This is the difference!

Our mission - Voice and VAS for smart people

We produce and offer voice and value-added services to all those people (companies) active at the forefront of every sector and to those dynamic entities, ready to boldly and courageously take up the challenge of an increasingly competitive market and, for this reason, still full of opportunities.

The technology network that gives you security and reliability

Some of the largest companies in Italy have relied on the security of our network and services. We produce the technology we use in house and master it completely. In this way, we can turn every idea into reality and ensure that every need becomes a functional and professional service.

Our highly specialised team is able to respond to every need and build solutions for the challenges you want to present us with.


Want to know how to improve your business through telephony? Contact us!

+39 02 800 800info@teslatel.net

Our customer service responds to the contact details indicated, 24 hours a day, including holidays.